Lockyer Valley automated flood reporting

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Brisbane, Queensland – 14th April 2023
Unprecedented Access to Flood Information, The Future of Preparedness.
In a first of its kind for Australia, a Brisbane start-up has partnered with Lockyer Valley Regional Council to provide residents with immediate access to detailed flood advice, at the click of a button.
Spatial Innovation Pty Ltd, a leading provider of location-based information solutions, announced today the launch of its groundbreaking Flood Information Portal for local government.
Spatial Innovation CEO Victor Nicholls said “the new Flood Information Portal, which residents can access via computer, provides point-specific data on flood levels, and quickly produces a report highlighting the engineering parameters like depth, velocity, and hazard of the water at those locations.”
“In effect, the super speed online information portal drastically increases the information available to residents, while at the same time drastically reducing the cost of delivering that information for Council” Mr Nicholls said.
Lockyer Valley Portfolio Councillor for Planning and Development, Cr Rick Vela, said the council was proud to be pioneering an innovative new system that provides up-to-date and detailed flood information on properties in the Lockyer Valley subject to flood overlay and gives residents the clarity and information they need to confidently make property related decisions.
“The Flood Information Portal is an interactive tool which provides a level of detail and confidence never seen before and is an exciting development in Council’s suite of flood intelligence information,” Cr Vela said.
“The sleek, automated online system provides data on specific locations within a lot, which is ideal for larger rural and residential properties where flood constraints can vary widely within a lot, and reports are generated online for free, in just minutes.
“Landowners and developers are better able to understand flood constraints, and this will improve the quality and appropriateness of development proposals.”
“Developing this Flood Information Portal has been an exciting journey for us,” Mr Nicholls said.
“We’ve worked hard to create a user-friendly platform that will make a real difference in how residents and local governments manage flood risk.”
Floods have become synonymous with the Lockyer Valley – following the 2011, 2013, 2017, 2021 and 2022 floods – which have left a lasting impact on the region.
“From Council’s Disaster Dashboard to the Flood Information Portal – advancements in the accessibility of information for our community lead to our ever-improving resilience, preparedness and future planning for all,” Cr Vela said.
Spatial Innovations and Lockyer Valley Regional Council acknowledged the Queensland Government for their funding assistance in helping to bring this project to fruition, both through the Innovation and Improvement Fund and the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas program.
Spatial Innovation’s Flood Information Portal is expected to be a game-changer in flood management in Australia. With its comprehensive coverage and easy-to-use interface, it has the potential to revolutionize the way local governments manage flood information.
Mr Nicholls said the company was excited to see the impact it will have on flood management in the years to come.
For more information on Spatial Innovation’s Flood Information Portal, please visit the links below.
The Flood Information Portal can be found here https://floodinformationportal.lvrc.qld.gov.au/flood/
The Promotional Video can be found here
The Lockyer Valley Regional Council Media Release can be found here
For more information, contact Council on 1300 005 872 or visit www.lockyervalley.qld.gov.au.
Or you can contact Spatial Innovation here, 0402 208 755 or victor@spatialinnovation.com.au