Flood Query

Point specific flood information in seconds

Streamlining the delivery of up-to date flood information to the public to enable better decision making and reducing cost of delivery.

The Spatial Innovation Flood Information Portal was developed in collaboration with Local Government and specifically for Local Government. Designed to allow a wide spread of internal and external users to examine flood data to ascertain the most appropriate development for a specific area within a parcel of land.

The Goals, the Who What Why Where and How

How the Flood Information Portal emerged out of necessity and evolved into a streamlined automated process

Spatial Innovation partnered with Lockyer Valley Regional Council in a collaboration that delivered on the key goals. The drain on internal resources was reversed, with flood reports delivered for the majority of customers online and without human intervention. 

Generate flood reports in three simple steps

Simple for the public to use yet scalable to multiple users with different abilities including inhouse analysis and report generation.

Floods take lives and destroy property and infrastructure.

Good decisions are made when good reliable information is available. Council and the public will make better decisons and reduce losses with access to the right information at the right time

Query and report on Points within a Parcel

Running queries at a parcel level in rural areas has very little value. Rural and semi rural areas require point specific flood data that relates directly to the activity taking place.

Restore confidence in your area

Flood events can have a major impact on peoples lives and on investor confidence in an area in general. Restore that confidence through providing accurate information and show the true picture.

Outcomes for Ratepayers and Council

Tangible benefits and rapid return on investment are delivered with minimal impact on Business as Usual operations

  • Reduce turnaround time to generate flood reports, from days to seconds.
  • Significantly reduce the drain on Council resources with the majority of reports delivered without any human intervention.
  • Query specific points within a parcel to target desired activity at that location. Particularly useful in rural and semi rural areas.
  • Scalable from a simple three step process to full Flood Engineering enquiry for developers, insurance companies and flood engineers.
  • Trigger exception areas for referral to obtain internal Council advice specifically where areas require a high level of skill to interpret.
  • Automation of data updates to reduce drain on resources and simplify processes as well as auditing of internal and external queries.
  • Reinvigorate confidence in Investment in your region.
  • Rapid return on investment