View Data

You will be viewing your first data set in seconds

So how does it work

Firstly there is no learning curve, you will be viewing your first data set in seconds

Viewdata is simple to use. Simply drag and drop your CSV file of sales or customer locations into the browser and your data will appear on the map showing where your sales are taking place. Then filter down into your data to segment by individual products and sales.

How much money are you paying in advertising without really knowing, am I spending it in the right location. Where are my sales right now, how are they distributed and which products sell the best and where. Can I save money if I know the answer to these questions. The answer is Yes

What can you expect when using Viewdata

While your investment is small and the learning curve is short you still want the quickest return on investment possible.

Watch your data come to life as Viewdata display it for you on maps that you can segment and explore. You will instantly see hotspots and trends that werent visible in tabular format. Then let those insights drive your business decisions to understand your customers and become more efficient and increase profits

Simple to use

Don’t waste time that you don’t have learning new software. Viewdata is simple and intuitive

Gain insights immediately

Our pictures are worth a thousand words and mean dollars saved. Just implement the insights that you see.

Build your customer avatars

Do you know the unique features of your customers. Knowing this gives you the headstart to find more of them. Gender, age, Income, Home ownership, occupation, the list goes on

Reduce your risk

For too long business owners have been opening in locations without any analysis of that location. This ad hoc approach is setting you up for failure. Understand your location, the people and the potential clearly.

We help small and medium sized businesses make more money and reduce their risk

Viewdata does this by visualising your data and putting that data into context through comparison to demographic profiles of the population and your customers. For too long the analysis of customers and demographic profiling has been the domain of major businesses, smaller business being locked out by high cost and the high skill level required. No longer

  • A clear and understandable view of your data
  • A simple way of filtering the data in your spreadsheets to gain insights
  • A way to match your existing sales to locations to look for more potential sales areas
  • Access to ABS demographic data to understand population profiles by areas
  • A Customer avatar builder to formulate profiles of your ideal customer and locate them
  • Access to an internal database to store your data for use again and again
  • Access to our community of data tips and tricks to build you knowledge