At Spatial Innovation, we specialise in automating our client’s business

through suppling mapping and data visualisations.

What does that mean? We make boring data come alive, fast!

Our Products

Flood Query

Designed specifically for Local Government, this portal allows users to view flood layers and compare flood events on property. It can also select specific property points and generate flood reports to deliver quality information to ratepayers and reduce costs.


Ready to increase sales and reduce costs? Viewdata has been designed for small and medium businesses to visualise customer and sales data, building demographic profiles of your ideal client and target market.  No more marketing stabs in the dark.

Town Planning Mapping

Not everyone has a degree in Town Planning! We develop Town Planning maps that are focused and intuitive for the public accessing them. This also provides integrated mapping for development application processes.

Your Data is the Key to Your Business Success !!!

Our Services


When you’re neck deep in your business, sometimes you really can’t see the forest for the trees (or the data for the numbers). Our specialist consultants can analyse your business processes or deliver once off projects. With a proven track record in delivering results across a wide range of industry sectors, we can help get you on track to greater success. Give us a call or email us to find out how we can help.

Data Services

Not all data is created equal. Having good, clean verifiable data is vital to the success of any project, especially if your decisions are based on that data. We can help you:

– collect the right data

– clean it

– store it correctly

– use it to your best advantage.

Software Development

We understand our core products cannot possibly fit every situation perfectly: further development may be needed to deliver exactly what your business requires. Spatial Innovation works with you to understand your requirements and will customise an effective solution that delivers on your goals.

Why Work With Us

Track Record of Delivering Value

The team at Spatial Innovation aren’t just about delivering technical solutions. Our focus addresses the issues in your business so you can reach your projected goals. We simply use our expertise, experience in and passion for mapping and data to get you there. Please review our Testimonials to hear directly from our customers.

Own Software Platforms

All of Spatial Innovation’s core products are built on our own in-house developed software platforms. We don’t slap products on top of other proprietary software in a cavalier approach to data and mapping. Our expertise is in providing clients with access to the right information, at the right time and in the right format so they can make decisions with precision and ease. Spatial Innovation software is built specifically to do this efficiently and quickly.

Professional team

It takes a special kind of person to really get excited about data and mapping visualisation, something our team members have loved doing for their entire careers! Our expertise is comfortably drawn from experience across a wide range of industries including Local Government, Small Business, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Not-for-Profit sectors.


“Making better informed business decisions is critical.  However, it has been beyond the budget and expertise of most of us, to wrangle and extract meaning from the data we have available.  In my role as founding CEO of the Open Data Institute Australian Network, I am a regular user of Viewdata to demonstrate just how easy it can be for anyone, regardless of skill level, to harness value and meaning in data.  The drag and drop functionality is fantastic, so simple and quick to use”.

Maree Adshead Former CEO of the Open Data Institute, Australian Network / Queensland Small Business Champion

“Up here in the Lockyer Valley we were struggling, recent flood events had hit investor confidence hard and we were manually generating flood reports to alleviate public concerns. We chose Spatial Innovation to automate that process for us due to their clear understanding of our needs, and past experience delivering similar projects.

We couldn’t be happier with the result!

The team over delivered and did it on budget with minimum fuss in the process. Flood data is available, accessible, and easy to interpret. And reporting is down from over 20 days to seconds.

Highly recommend you talk to these guys!”

Anjana Ranatunga – Coordinator ICT Projects and Business Operations

“It was imperative for our staff and users that we had a full integrated and streamlined solution which integrated with Council’s other corporate applications. Our choice to use the Spatial Innovation product to deploy our mapping online for our ePlanning solution was no different. We had tried other GIS tools before but no other product offered us the flexibility, seamless integration and ease of maintenance that the Macro GIS product provides. The ability to use our own data in its native format and simply deploy this for online use has significantly reduced our need for specialist GIS expertise and time to publish mapping updates. Working with Victor, Craig and the rest of the team has been as streamlined as the product giving us a solution which is easily configured to meet our needs.  I look forward to working with the team on more projects as we expand and enhance our online spatial solution.”

Garath Wilson – Senior Town Planner Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Our reputation is the proof!

Our Team

Victor Nicholls

Managing Director

Angela Nicholls


Craig Byrne

Chief Technology Officer