Data Services Available

Data is like the fuel for your car, without it everything else is useless.

When we think about data in our businesses we need to think about how we are going to collect the right data to support the decisions we are wanting to make. And these decisions will change over time as the business grows and develops. However, there are some fundamentals that are consistent over the whole process. These are, collecting and maintaining quality data that is verifiable, useable and specific to your business.

The data process

The data cycle of collection, cleaning, verifying, storage, analysis and decision making based on the information available.

Our team can advise and implement processes relating to any one of the core events that need to take place, or we can take care of all of them for your business. Each is crucial in establishing best practice when it comes to data driven decisions in your business and driving your business towards higher profits and less risk.

Data Collection

Strategies for collection of data are the crucial first step and need to be creative, while still maintaining the privacy of the source of the data

Data storage and retrieval

Sometimes a simple spreadsheet will do, sometimes a CRM is more relevant and in some case a stand alone data base is required.

Data Analysis

You have spent valuable energy collecting and storing your data now you can analyse your information, and ask the questions you need answered.

Data Context

Your data is only valuable once placed into the context of the environment you are working in. A certain income may be high until you compare it to the postcode or state or country.

What to expect when you engage us for Data Services

Our team has been working with data for many years and there are not too many scenarios they haven’t  encountered. Wherever you are at on your journey of data analysis we can help you navigate your way through.

  • Investigate your business and establish the best way forward based on budget and requirements
  • Advise on data collection techniques and personal privacy
  • Set up databased to store incoming information and retrieve it ready for use
  • Data cleaning and verification services to increase the quality of your data
  • Advise and set up of data analysis options
  • Interpretation of results and recommendations of business changes based on results
  • Establish internal processes to embed daat into your Business as usual operations