Town Planning Portal

Deliver quality information to the Public with an interface that is easy to navigate.

Why change from your internal GIS system.

You are probably wondering why you should not use your internal GIS to serve your mapping to the public. Simply its not designed specifically for the task.

Our Town Planning portal was built specifically for Local Government to meet their requirements. This translates to a lightweight solution that has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. The intuitive user interface and lot centric approach to search creates an experience that acquires information faster and clearer. Users can delve deeper if desired or simplify the process with a quick query. Maintenance is simple also with the easy to use map editor.

Town Planning Portal

Deliver quality information to the Public with an interface that is easy to navigate.

The Spatial Innovation Town Planning Portal is an easily integrated SaaS solution that delivers information relating to town planning and zonings to the public. The user experience is fast both to load and equally fast to access the information that a public user requires.

Fast and intuitive Interface

Software users get frustrated when things load slowly or they cant find information and resort to alternative channels to find information such as phones or emails. This is a drain on resources that you don’t need.

Interactive mapping that is Lot centric not layer centric

Users are always initially looking at the impacts on a lot and want to display all the overlays when that lot is selected, not look through individual layers to determine those impacts.

Easily supported and updated without accessing your Internal GIS department

GIS resources are generally spread thin within Councils. The Town Planning Portal comes with a simple to use Map editor that can be updated by the Town Planners. Look and feel of maps and version control is all simple and easy to use.

Drive efficiencies in your development application process.

Provide as much information as possible up front so the public can self assess prior to lodging a formal application. This can have a dramatic impact on DA turnaround times.

What to expect with Spatial Innovation Town Planning Portal

Expect the fastest most intuitive mapping user interface that delivers phenomenal value to your customers both external and internal.

  • The fastest and most intuitive public facing map product for local government available
  • Fast delivery and implementation, we excel in delivering quickly so you can get back to Business as Usual
  • Reduce DA application times and phone enquiry
  • Support internally within the Town Planning unit without access high level GIS resources
  • Integrated to Technology One Development Application process
  • Proven track record of delivering results
  • High level of uptime and low level of maintenance requirements.