Consulting Services offered

Lets make it simple with an outline of what we do, and do really well, and what we don’t focus on.

Our work covers a wide range of disciplines with all of these having a focus on spatial technologies. Within this focus our experience is wide and varied across a range of industries from Health Care to Local and State Government and the Oil and Gas and Mining industry.

The areas we work in

Here are the types of consulting services we offer

We have Consultant with expertise in Project Management, Business Analysis, Mapping Production, Gap Analysis, Database Maintenance, Data Cleansing, Integrations and Tender Production.

Professional team with many years of experience

While we have a wealth of experience it doesn’t mean we are stuck on old ways of doing things or old technology.

Not aligned with specific software providers but experience working with all

Its important that we don’t have preconceived ideas of what should be delivered in a particular project but let the goals dictate the solution.

Wide range of skills available

Our consultants have a wide range of skills from Project Management to Business Analysis and Map production.

Wide range of industry groups

We have been involved in successful projects across a wide range of industry sectors from Health Care to Local and State Government and the Oil and Gas industry to name a few

What to expect when you engage us for Consulting Services

This really depends on your desired outcome however there are a few constants that exist within all of our Consultants and the way we work with our clients.

  • We are all goal driven with a focus on delivering the best value possible
  • We will always work in a respectful and courteous manner
  • We work well in teams and believe that the best results come out of teams that communicate well and work towards a common goal
  • Great communication
  • We will bring innovative ideas to the table when appropriate
  • Great experience within the spatial industry
  • A Passion for what we do