Blacktown City Council chooses FloodQuery

FloodQuery Blacktown City Council

Blacktown City Council and Spatial Innovation teamed up to create an engaging flood data portal to drive community consultation.

Customer Experience, Blacktown City Council.

Blacktown City Council embarked on a critical Public Consultation initiative to introduce new flood models. Their aim was to enhance residents’ understanding of this information, facilitate comparisons with existing models, and encourage valuable feedback—an essential step in the flood modeling process.

Drawing inspiration from our successful work with the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Blacktown City Council chose to partner with Spatial Innovation. Together, we implemented a customized Flood Information Portal known as FloodQuery Flood Information Portal. This online spatial viewer empowered residents to search for their properties, access the latest flood models, and seamlessly compare them with the existing ones. The portal’s versatility and speed in handling large flood datasets, coupled with its user-friendly interface, ensured an exceptional user experience.

While directly impacted residents received personalized invitations to assess and provide feedback, the portal was open to all residents, sparking significant community engagement.

Spatial Innovation’s CEO, Victor Nicholls, praised the collaborative spirit of the Blacktown team, citing their clear objectives and rapid progress toward achieving remarkable outcomes.

The project was executed on time, within budget, and garnered overwhelmingly positive responses from users, amassing over 7,000 page views in just two months.

To explore the viewer, visit: Blacktown Flood Viewer

An unforeseen benefit emerged as the spatial viewer continued to serve as a vital tool during ongoing discussions between the Council and residents long after the formal consultation period had ended.

FloodQuery Blacktown City Council